Mar 22, 2019

2 weeks of amazon hauls + other assorted goodies

ever since my kiddos were newborns, i've loved watching them sleep. i did the opposite of what most parenting books said because i would hold them while they slept, cuddling them closely to my heart and listening to them laugh while they dreamt. i'd watch them smile and wonder what they were dreaming of.

i know that they won't be little forever, and it's my time to reflect on all the amazing things they're doing and learning. i look at them now and my heart fills with gratitude and wonder... and then they wake up and ask for food and there's no denying they're my kids. food and naps are on my list of top priorities too!

aida has got a giggle that is legit out of this world. ah-mazing. she giggles and my heart jumps with joy. goodness girl, you're a wonder.

dc's laugh has been the same since he was two months old. that boy is such a happy and kind soul. i am so grateful for all that he is and all that he teaches me on the daily.

i don't know if we will have more kids, or how our kiddos would be with a new addition to the family. but,  i do know that i am grateful for every single minute i have with the two most wonderful children i have ever met.


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