Feb 23, 2018

Faves February 2018

Foundation- I've been on the hunt for a solid full-coverage foundation since my skin started breaking out a few months ago. I don't usually have blemishes, and, typically, my skin type is combination. I'm oily in my t-zone (and oddly on my eye lids...) but then dry on my chin and nose. 

I still have combination skin, but now I also have some huge blemishes. In my efforts to cover up my adult acne, I went to Ulta + Sephora, and tried on all their full-coverage foundation options. It took a few trips, even more samples, and a lot more foundation induced breakouts to find this one

Swiping it on with my fingertips for the first time, I was instantly obsessed. It went on like a dream. It didn't settle into my fine lines, it covered my dry patches, and masked my acne. I've been using it ever since.  

Deodorant- finding an aluminum free deodorant that works + smells yummy ain't easy. I typically use my husband's deodorant because I need something pretty strong, but this new-to-me deodorant checks all the boxes. Green. Strong. Long-lasting. Decently priced. It is my good smelling pit heaven.

Overnight Serum- I remember the older ladies at Nordstroms telling me when I was shopping with my mom, how important preventative ant-aging skincare would be for me someday. I rolled my eyes then, thinking that they were just trying to up sell my mom, but dang were they right. Anti-aging preventative care is such an important step, and one that I wish I would have paid more attention to before hitting my late 20's.

Watching fine lines develop has me using more facial products then ever before. I use this night serum to help replenish, heal, hydrate, and prevent wrinkles. My mom and I started using it together when I was in college, and all these years later, I'm still reaching for it. 

Jeans- wore these jeans in my picture on Instagram yesterday. Ya'll wanted the link, so here it is! Love these jeans. Summer numero dos with these pants, and I'm loving them just as much as I did last year! 

Boots- Ya'll also wanted the link to these boots I've been wearing a lot lately, so there it is!

Thanks so much for reading and following along with me ladies. It means the world to me to have such amazingly strong women reading and supporting me on this journey that is wife life and motherhood. 

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