Aug 29, 2017

Minivan Mom vs. F-150 Mom

while driving home, out of the corner of my eye i spotted this beautiful desk. real wood. perfect condition. deep dark stain. vintage drawer pulls. poor thing was kicked to the curb as garbage. what a beautiful misfit it was. it was someone's trash, yet my not-so-little treasure.

in that very moment i thought, "i need to get a pickup truck for moments like these."

not even ten minutes later, still headed home, there was another treasure. thrown to the curb. someone else's trash, but my dream find. this perfect condition mid-century velvet chair was just calling my name. forget the minivan, momma needs a F-150.

i could already hear myself- "babe. i know we don't have any space, but i found this desk + chair... and they were free. . . so, i took 'em!"

i don't think the pickup sell would be very hard becasue i've been chatting up the honda odsessy, and i think we all know that's a conversation my husband doesn't want to hear.

"hey babe, can we get a minivan?"- me

"ha, good one babe!"-him

any fellow garage pickers out there? minivan vs. pickup?


  1. Taylor is actually the one pro mini van! I was standing my ground preeettty hard the other day until I say one in REALLIFE. I think I'll be a mini van person until I die �� I swear you can fit the same stuff as an f-150 ����

  2. We have a Chevy Traverse which is baaaasically an incognito minvan lol. I loove it BUT I secretly have been dreaming of a truck for a couple years now haha. Let's share one, it'll go perfect with out garden ;)


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