Jun 12, 2017

The Nap Time Dash

jacket // dress ($40) // shoes // bag

Nap time ('round here) means do everything you can, and fast!

I work quicker and more efficiently during those few moments than I do at any other point in my day. I take my to-do list and show it who's boss. I clean and organize. I do laundry and iron. I make lunches, and prep dinner. I water the lawn, and pick up dog poop. I pay bills, and write cards. I pee, and sometimes I even shower (if I'm feeling super fancy). It's funny what I can accomplish when I only have a limited amount of time.

I become fast as lightning, while simultaneously being as silent and as ninja-like as possible... just to ensure I don't wake the babes.

Sometimes, nap time makes me feel like a superhero, but then again, motherhood will do that to a woman.

Cheers superwomen, you're my hero!

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