Jun 13, 2017

From A Birdie

Giving gifts is one of my favorite things to do. In all seriousness, in the late hours of the night, when my husband is snoring, and my babies are covering their pillows in drool, I am scrolling through Amazon trying to find something to surprise them with.

My mom is the master of surprises. When she arrives, she brings with her an entire Jeep (seats down) full of "surprises" for my kids. One for every day she's here, and two or three more if they're being extra good.

I can always justify a gift - as can my mother - and together her and I are like Santa and his elves. 

Today, I am partnering with From a Birdie, to show you one of the best gifts I will ever give. This book I made for my mom was carefully crafted by my family and I specifically for her. I got a link so that my brother, his girlfriend, my husband, and I could all contribute pages to her book. We uploaded letters we wrote to her, pictures of the kids, scanned pieces of their artwork, and so much more. You can start making yours here

Once everyone had submitted their pages, I checked over everything, and off it went. I was a sappy mess when I saw it had arrived on our doorstep. I hadn't even opened it, but already I knew she would love it. 

Naturally, reading though it brought so many emotions and memories to the surface. I then wrapped it, and off it went. To the best woman I know. 

You deserve the world mom. Thank you for being the best gift giver of things both things seen and unseen. You're my hero.


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