Jun 5, 2017

Getting my wisdom teeth out

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Holy crap ya'll. I was not ready for the whole getting my wisdom teeth out at 20-something years old.

It all started when I went for my bi-annual cleaning. After some x-rays and my dentists inspection, the recommendation to get my wisdom teeth out was shared. I had grown them out in high school, and never really thought anything of them after.

I have this terrible fear of dentists, probably because I have always had such bad teeth. When he suggested getting my wisdom teeth out, I did what anyone with a fear of surgery + dentists do, I never went. Fast forward... meh, six or seven months, and there I was in terrible pain. Silly girl, you should have listened to the dang doctor. Of course he knows what he's talking about!

When we finally got in to see the oral surgeon ( that took about 6 weeks), the time had come to yank my wisdom teeth out. Buh-bye suckers!

I kid you not, within 15 minutes my 3 remaining wisdom teeth were gone. The surgeon showed me that the crown on two of my teeth was completely decayed. Hence the terrible pain I had been in.

Since my teeth had already grown out, I went the lighter way, and was put on laughing gas. I didn't like that one bit. It made me feel super fuzzy, though I could still feel each and every shot to the jaw.

Those bad boys are huge ya'll. My surgeon laughed, "they haven't really made any medical advances on these shots in decades!" No crap, dude! That thing is nearly as long as my tricep. Is this suppose to be helping me...or....?

On he went about getting his wife to mow the lawn to those assisting, and all I could think about was how I wish I had gone under. Bing, bang, drill, pop, and I was done. Free to go.

I'm still recovering day three, but I am a lucky duck. My husband keeps telling me how beautiful I am, and that's the best medicine there is.

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