May 17, 2017

Lady of Many Hats

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shirt // skirt- golden lemon boutique (on sale for $25) // shoes // sunglasses

A few of my friends and family asked what I did for Mother's Day, and the truth is, I did absolutely nothing, and it was kind of friggin' fabulous.

Usually, my days are jam packed. I might have inherited the "Lady of Many Hats" role from my mother, and with it, her incredible multitasking ability. Good thing though, because at least no task is unaccomplishable, like bringing the queen size boxspring and mattress up the stairs by myself! #Par-tay

The only downside to my expertise level of multitasking is that I can't remember most things on my to-do list. For example- I walk into the grocery and buy a few of the things I need and some items I don't need, but buy anyway. I load the kids in the car, and without fail, I remember something I forgot to buy. Of course. #EveryTime

I am also one of those people who asks the same question over and over again during a conversation because my mind is going 20 million miles an hour. Maybe it's because I'm always thinking of someone (particularly a family member of mine going through a tough time) that needs help or something I'm suppose to do.

I think my mind can't make room for all the tabs I constantly have open, so it prioritizes the bits of information it receives, and automatically clicks red x's on anything it deems unnecessary. Which you would think is a good thing until I'm having a conversation with a friend. Suddenly, I'm asking her a question she's already answered. I'm ashamed and caught -  my mind is just off somewhere else.

I'm not sure if this is a mom trait or a working mom trait, but whatever it is, it was just nice to have one weekend where I did nothing.

My mind turned off. My body took a rest, and my husband (that sweet and precious man) took care of everything else.

I'm grateful for my babies, and my husband, and our lives. Not everyday can be Mother's Day, but I sure do need to carry the gratitude I feel on that day everyday.

Happy Mother's Day ya'll!

Pictures by- Alice Heart Photography 

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