Apr 3, 2017

Pregnant with baby number three

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I have been getting asked a ton by friends and family when and/or if we want to have another baby. Our three-year-old son is starting to chime in too. He's asking for a little brother almost daily now. 

I guess as our little girl grows (as bittersweet as that is) people expect that we will just keep popping out kiddos. Which is probably because people who know me personally know that I love babies, but there is a little bit of a sad truth there. As much as I love babies, I have such difficult pregnancies it really just puts a damper on making more kids myself. 

Between hospital stays, and having someone else to help on the day-to-day with my son while I go to the doctor's office, hospital, and emergency room, (while taking heavy doses of medication) I find my pregnancies to be traumatic. I feel like it puts this huge burden on our family, and I can't fathom doing that again. 

At that crossroads of wanting another and feeling like I'm a burden when I'm pregnant, it is so hard to say what we will do next. I dream of adopting and I also dream of having other. Maybe there are two sweet souls waiting to join our family. Who knows how the cards will play? Until then, I will be praying my dang hardest to know what He wants us to do. After all, He does know everything!

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  1. Thank you for being so open about third subject. I am in the same exact place. Lots of prayers for you and your fam from me!

  2. When I picture my complete family, I envision lots of kids. But after a traumatic c-section with my second baby, I'm super intimidated to have another. I know it's all worthwhile in the end, but creating a new family member can be downright brutal! I don't have any particular life hacks, but I do recommend a book called, "Breathe, Mama, Breathe." It's very mom-friendly as far as having quick, digest-able insights on how to be mindful and calm throughout the busy day, and it's helped me to embrace possibility without getting quite so overwhelmed. I read it when I'm waiting in the carpool line. :) Good luck, dear! I love reading your blog.


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