Mar 19, 2017

Pack your bags. We're going on an adventure.

When my mom was in town visiting, her and my dad did a little babysitting, and I got a mini little vacay when I went to the mall sans kids.

While I was walking around, I noticed other parents with their kids. The kids were running about the mall, and the parents followed, pushing their strollers filled to the brim with things. There were jackets, and diaper bags, lunch bags, and shopping bags. There was literally crap just spilling from the strollers, but the kid was taking off down the hall just as fast as they could.

I realized that every time I head out of the house to go somewhere as simple as the mall, it basically looks like I'm going on a family trip.

I have my kids bundled head to toe, in two layers of clothes, plus their jackets and hats. I have carseats, and a stroller with a skateboard, a diaper bag filled with things "just in case." I've even got enough food and water to feed a tee ball team, and then on top of all this, there's my overstuffed wallet with a million receipts, a torn up grocery list, and my to-do post its, and never any cash to be found.

As a mom, I have so many different roles, but packing mule is by far one of my absolute least favorite. Gone are the days where I would just in and out of the car for something "real quick." Now, it's a whole "adventure" as my three-year-old son likes to call it. Have no fear though folks, there will always be some old lady to stop me and remind me, "They grow so fast. Enjoy it!" I'm trying to lady, just the second my kid gets her finger out of my nose. 

Honey, Mommy's nose is not a treasure hunt. 

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  1. I can so relate! Just today I had to prepare myself mentally to get the kids out of the house just so I could go browse tjmaxx! such a cute bag too!



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