Mar 23, 2017

Cooking with Mom

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I'm always in the kitchen, and lately, aside from washing dishes, I have been loving it. Growing up, I would watch my mom in the kitchen. She would always say that cooking was her therapy. I never really felt that way until about three weeks ago. I started putting on music and my husband would take the kids. I would dance, sans baby, until one of them would sneak in (and then we would all end up dancing... my husband too), and feel totally accomplished when the food was ready. 

There's something about seeing everyone around the dinner table, silent because they can't shove the food you've made into their gob fast enough. As my husband and I would say, it's just that good! 

I'm also learning to be more grateful. I'm grateful we have a kitchen with a stove and a full fridge. I'm grateful for my husband who is always so willing to help me however he can, and I'm grateful for my mom who taught me how to cook. I'm grateful for the joy that comes from such a simple task.

So, throw on some music, open a cook book, and jam out. At least, that's what I'll be doing tonight! 

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