Mar 12, 2017

Being Happy in My Marriage is a Choice

A little background on me- I loved college. I might have hated the early morning alarm clock, but I did love my classes. Now, after university, I enjoy reading, and I love to learn new things, be it recipes, skills, or even random facts. I wasn't always that way though. As a matter of fact, I hated school until I reached college, but once I found the empowerment that came from learning, I couldn't stop. Something about my college courses trained my mind to be a sponge.

In my marriage I find that learning about my husband is just as important as learning about any other thing or skill I wish to develop. We (my husband and I) talk a lot about what we like about our marriage, what we (personally) can be better at, and what we want our relationship to be like five, ten, fifteen years from now. 

Some people have five year plans for their life. They plan on where they will be in their career, or where they might live. My husband and I talk about what we can do today to invest in our marriage to get where we want it to be five years from now. It's almost like our little marriage "401K". We plan dates, trips, and even shows we want to watch. Investing in our marriage is always front and center because we believe that in our situation and circumstance our happiness in our marriage is a choice. 

If we are focusing on each other and what is most important (our relationship), then we can make it last. When I leave the keys in the door, instead of being upset at me (like he could rightfully be) he instead laughs and takes them out. Choice.

Instead of being mad because he didn't clean his breakfast dish, I can wash it for him, and tell him I love him. Choice. 

Life is all about choices, and so is marriage. I do believe that marriage is for sure a test of our selflessness vs. our selfishness, or in other words, a great character builder. I am by no means a selfless wife 100% of the time, but I am working at getting to at least 95%. I'm a giant work in progress, and luckily for me, my husband loves me enough to put up with the other 5% of my crap. 

Cheers to you my handsome dude!

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  1. Your marriage posts are always my favorite :)


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