Feb 27, 2017


I'm sitting at a local little spot sans babies and working one day, and the nice girl sitting down next to me, also working (assuming because she was just typing away) was suddenly interrupted.

The conversation goes as follows-

Guy- "You're beautiful. You from around here?"

Her- "No, I'm not. Actually."

Guy- "You want to come visit me? I live right around the corner."

Her- "No, thanks."

Guy- "You got a boyfriend or something?"

Her- "Why can't I have a girlfriend?"

It was one of the most awkward conversations ever, and I wasn't even a part of it. Though homegirl totally stood her ground. Schmuck of the century simply could not get the hint. He kept going and going. One guy finally said, "Hey do you want to switch seats with me?" She saw her chance to get away from the creep and switched the nice man seats. Poor girl. Bless her heart.

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