Jan 16, 2017

The evolution of Instagram for me

I want to first say that I fell in love with Instagram when it offered me an instant way to keep up with my friends and family who were so far from me during my college years. 

It was a quicker version of Facebook. With less words and more pictures, it was kind of like an adult's version of a picture book. It offered an instant look into what everyone I loved was up to, and it fell in chronological order. I was always up to date with my girlfriends off at university on the east coast, while I was out west. I could see their wild sorority party outfits, and later them studying for midterms in the library looking just as haggard as I was.

When I had my son, it offered me a community of women, stay-at-home moms who could give me (a newbie) some advice and tips on how to navigate all the things that come with being a new mom. 

While all of my Jersey girlfriends were still in party mode, I was nursing day and night. During my 3AM feedings, they were stumbling home in their skintight dresses, but Instagram was able to show me "Becky". Becky, who I had never "met," was just as tired as I was, nursing in the same clothes she'd wore the day before, wondering when she too would get her babe to sleep through the night.

I loved what Instagram gave me. Quite honestly, some days it gave me hope. It raised me up, and let me know I wasn't alone in my journey through motherhood. I found moms talking about how they too struggled with things like stretch marks, extra skin, nursing, milk supply, tantrums, and potty training. Whenever I needed advice or whatever I was struggle i was facing, there was someone with a tip or encouraging words that would work for me. For that Instagram, I will always be grateful. You helped me navigate and survive the huge transition from college woman, to wife, and later mom.

I'm grateful for all of you always giving me the advice I so often need, and for the support you all show me. I don't know it all (though that would be nice). I so often need your mommy tips, and it's amazing to know that someone somewhere gets it. Whatever that "it" is or whatever my feelings might be, I share it in a caption and there's always someone to say, "hey, me too!" I just love you guys. Thank you for sticking with me on this journey, and for always helping out.

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  1. Perfectly said! New mommy here and I have found the same thing through Instagram. I love the community of mamas. I love the encouragement, the inspiration and the love. And your Instagram is one of my favs to follow. You are so real and down to earth ❤ and your photos are always beautiful!


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