Jan 24, 2017

Morning Skincare Routine

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I'm no makeup expert, and really I feel like in my case, the less makeup, the better. A few too many strokes of any of that stuff, and I look like a clown. That's what my momma always said. 

She is the perfect example of  the less makeup, the better. The only makeup she used was lipstick, and I kind of loved that example she set. Funny thing though, she always felt naked without it, and I feel like a clown with it. Riddle me that folks.

I think the only thing makeup-wise that really makes me feel jazzed, is filling in my eyebrows. I can go without foundation and contouring, but without my filled in brows am I even me?! 

What is your favorite makeup brand or step? Give me your pointers, because heaven knows I need 'em!

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