Dec 9, 2016

Getting it just right

You guys, it's happening. I'm finally catching my groove to this mother of two thing. Aida Mae is almost one, and seven teeth later we are "still alive" (Croods movie reference for those of you not watching DreamWorks Animation on repeat like we are)!

It's winter, so we are starting to get super limited with what we can do. With the temperatures dropping below freezing, movies are what keep us all sane round here

It's been tough with DC in pre-school, and Aida not really having a regular nap schedule. I never get the timing right, but today I nailed it... and totally on accident. I tried to put her down earlier in the morning, but she was not having any of that. So, I got myself dressed, got the kids all bundled up and loaded the car. 

We headed to GAP to get miss Aida some long sleeve tops, got some lunch, picked up groceries, went to the book store, read some books, and finally dropped DC off at school.

On the way home, she was passed out. We had a successful car to crib transfer, and I'm over here thinking, "dang momma, we've got this!" It's so perfect, that I even turned on the TV, and to my amazement Fixer Upper was on. Hi Joanna Gaines! Momma hit it big today!

Time for another baby right? Hahah...just kidding, or am I? 

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