Oct 17, 2016

Lucky Sevens

They say nothing in life is perfect. I couldn't agree more. Nothing is perfect, and nothing ever goes exactly as we have planned.

I'm starting to feel like life is just one gamble at a time. We gamble everyday with the hope that everything will go as we think it should. Our lights will work. Our basement won't be flooded. Our kids will be happy, or even that we will be healthy, but none of this is set in stone. We are constantly rolling the dice. Every morning we wake up, and we hope that today will be the best day, or better than the last. Hoping, and wishing, for that lucky seven.

What do we do when we're all in, and roll a two? I mean what are the chances of that happening? So slim, but it does happen. Sometimes things will go to total crap. That's just a fact of life, but because you can lose a little, doesn't mean you never throw the dice right?

What I'm saying is, life comes down to faith and hope. Faith in ourselves, faith in the unknown, and hope that no matter how many times you might lose on any given day, that maybe the next time you roll you will see that lucky seven, and realize you're worth betting on.

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