Aug 8, 2016

Taking time for yourself

There's something about taking a moment for yourself. Between working, being a mom, having a husband, or even being in school, life gets busy. There's so much to do, and so much going on, that we can forget to take a minute to breathe. 

In motherhood, there are so few moments of silence. Moments alone don't really exist. I've come to learn that to be a successful mother and wife, filled with patience and love, the best gift I can give my family is to take time for myself. Sounds selfish saying that out loud, but sometimes we need to be a little selfish with our time as mommas. I leave the house for a little, alone, and my husband stays back with the kids. Sometimes I go for a drive. Sometimes I go to Starbucks. Sometimes I do emails. Whatever it is, I do it alone, and when I return I feel this sense of renewal. A fresh calm and collected momma suddenly appears. 

My tip to any of you feeling burnt out, exhausted, and even exasperated, is to give yourself both grace and a moment alone. Find your zen again, and return back to those demanding roles that await. We are women, and we are fierce. Hear us roar. Like my little feminist sepal?

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