Aug 9, 2016

in my cart - mama and baby

iPhone case + wallet- A solid hour and a half at the grocery store with two babies, and a cart full of groceries all to waste taught me I need one of these bad. I forgot my friggin' wallet. #DontEndUpLikeMe crying in the parking lot with two screaming kids. #Whoops

Go Away Doormat- if you know me personally, then you already know I am as sarcastic as they come. See all my sarcasm on SnapChat- @xomrsmeasom, and tell the solicitors to "Go Away" with your fun little doormat. #InsertHighFiveEmojiHere 

Desktop Pad Note Holder- I forget way more than I should. This little note holder helps to remind me what I need to keep up on, it holds all my stickies, and it also looks adorable. I love it!

Oreo Baby Teether- we currently have three different types of Oreos in our cabinets, and one heavy duty drooling teething babe on our hands. Naturally, these Oreo baby teethers ended up in my cart because why the hell not?! They're friggin' adorable.

Sriracha Baby Sippy Cup- we love us some hot and spicy Sriracha. We are starting 'em young with this fun sippy.

Gate Keeper- keeps all your passwords in one place. Plug it into your computer, and bam, seamlessly all your passwords are input and you can bounce around from site to site without having to play the memory game.

Doggie Bookend- for the dog lover in me. #DogEverything

Sunglasses- I love the pink and leopard. Jersey girl in me coming through strong. #OhYeah Hoping my husband will see these in my cart just in time for my birthday. Cough, cough. Hint, hint!

Pillow Spoon Holder- wishing that by the time dinner rolls around I could rest my sleepy weary head on a nice fluffy pillow, but, alas, no such luck. Until then, here's a safe place to rest my spoon. #Bananas

KeepCup Brew Glass Reusable Coffee Cup- being from Jersey, lots of my fellow natives are huge coffee drinkers. In fact, my dad is all about his coffee. He cannot start his day without it. This is sitting in our cart, waiting for his birthday. Best gift idea for the coffee lover in your life. Here are some fun facts about it-
  • BPA free; non toxic; lid manufactured from polypropylene
  • Tough; durable; fully-tempered soda-lime glass; recyclable
  • New improved lid with larger drinking hole and inner seal. Meets OSHA (occupational safety and health) standards
  • Microwave safe; lightweight and hard-wearing materials
  • For Keep Cup Brew we estimate breakeven to be as low as 10 uses

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