May 31, 2016

Sans Makeup

There comes a time in every grown women's life, where she has to put away her makeup and live a little. The other day, a friend of mine came over, and she wasn't wearing a stitch of makeup. I looked at her, and thought to myself, "I want to look like that!"

Makeup clogs my pores, and gives me acne. When I stopped wearing it, I wasn't proud. I had blemishes, and under eye circles. I looked like acne covered zombie. After two weeks of going sans makeup, my skin took a turn. My acne was gone, and I felt so much more confident.

Now, I only wear makeup for a special events. I'm not saying I will never wear makeup again, because sometimes I want to look semi-alive, but there's nothing worse than looking like you're wearing icing on your face. I was turning into one of those… and with summer here, who want's to look like a melting cake? 

Here's too embracing my inner beauty, and letting who I am shine through.



  1. Likewise, i only wear make up on special events other than that i want to be bare but sometimes i feel naked coz im so used to wearing make up and i love make up.You have a
    beautiful facial profile. So with or without make up, you are always beautiful.


  2. You are brave living 2 weeks sans makeup! You look great though!

  3. I love this post! I have just myself come to the realization that I don't always need a full face of makeup. Feeling confident without any makeup is the best feeling! Your skin looks amazing in your IG pics so you're doing something right mama! :)


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