May 12, 2016

Way too many run-ons. Lots of grammatical errors.

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Spring is as rainy as ever 'round here. After 15 days of rain and 2 days of sun, I'm feeling a little whomp whomp, if that makes any sense. The only thing that's gotten me excited for spring has been the pops of color I've seen online, and at Target. 

You should know, I've been trying to avoid Target like a plague. The best way to describe what that store does to me is the money emoji with wings. Don't even get me started on how that last sentence is a run-on. I've been writing run-ons ever since my fifth grade teacher marked up my entire essay with her red pen. Ending all her "revisions" with a note- 

"Way too many run-ons. Lots of grammatical errors. Have a parent proofread your work before turning it in."

I don't think she knew-
1. My mother was much more fluent in Spanglish than English.
2. That my essays are most likely what got me into college, despite my first grade syntax. 
3. That someday, my terrible grammar and run-ons would help support my family via a blog.
4. Blogs would someday be created by people who couldn't properly use a semicolon.
5. That emojis would be included as a language keyboard, right next to Chinese. 

Side note: is it as crazy to you as it is to me that emojis are a language all of their very own? #mindboggled 

Another side note: when we are old and grey, will we still be speaking in hashtags? I can see it now, the 90's babies in their 80's, covered in tattoos, speaking in hashtags, singing "Young, Wild, Free." Man life's a real trip.

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