May 6, 2016

Ask the Laundress

As a mom of two, the laundry never ends. The second I get one pile out of the dryer, and put away, there's already another one waiting to be washed. I blame the never ending laundry on night potty training and the woes of newborn poop. 

Y'all, I've always hated doing laundry, but since the load has doubled, I'm trying to change my attitude. When a pile is done, I feel this huge sense of accomplishment #OneDown #AMillionMoreToGo.

I do have to say though, the one big issue I've been having with my laundry is getting baby poop stains out! Poopie blowouts are legit, and mustardy pooh on my white sheets is a friggin' nightmare. So, I'm asking the experts at The Laundress, via their Ask The Laundress campaign, how they would get these terribly stubborn stains out of my white sheets. I'm no expert, and need all the help I can get. You can ask your questions too at They answered my question, and gave me some tips here!

Now through June 2nd, The Laundress is offering 25% off their cleaning kits, so catch it while you can!


  1. Stick everything in the sun. Best bleaching agent ever. And it's chemical free.

  2. Totally agree with the last comment. We leave our whites on the line for days and they are always bright and white.


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