Apr 14, 2016

Road Trip Anyone?

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At the end of a very long day, I felt a craving coming on. All I wanted was a huge mother Franklin box of Reese's from Costco. You know, one I could just sit with on my sofa, and binge eat, while simultaneously binge watching some sort of trashy tv, like the Real Housewives of some state on Bravo.

I resisted the urge, and went to buy hummus and pita from Trader Joe's instead. To no avail, I walked out with three bags of food, and some eucalyptus. Hello!

Funny thing though, it wasn't the Dr. Pepper I stopped to get on the way home, or the three bags of groceries in my trunk, or the pita I warmed up and dipped into my hummus that made me feel better. It was the drive that did the trick. It was just me, alone with my thoughts. As I listened to some music, and watched the sun go down before me, I felt this peace. A peace I needed so desperately. Just like that.

I forgot how much driving helps heal my soul. Is anyone else like that? Where you just get into a car and can drive for hours, just thinking. #heaven

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