Apr 15, 2016

Ergo Baby Adapt Carrier

Growing up my brother and I would hurry about the house every Friday, doing all of our chores to make sure we could spend all of Saturday out-n-about with our momma. 

The next morning, she would wake us up, and before we knew it we were on the road. Sometimes it would be just a quick drive to the local theater, or a long two hour drive to the flea markets. Wherever we were heading, we knew she would spoil us with so much more than material possessions. She would give us all her attention, which as a full-time working single mom, was more valuable than she will ever know. 

I cherish those trips with her, and tried to make similar traditions with my son before Aida arrived. Every day, my little dude and I would make our way to places like Target or the library, and spend one-on-one time learning about astronauts, or playing with toy cars. Once sister arrived via c-section, it took me a little while to get my crap together. I had to heal, and once I healed, I had to learn how to juggle two kiddos. Mid-transition, I realized that maybe Aida was crying a little more than I remember DC doing. When the doctor confirmed she was suffering of colic, I felt lost. I had no idea how to navigate two, or how to tend to a colicky babe. The panic set in, and so did the guilt.

Aida needs so much of my attention. She needs to be held all day to feel comforted, but my son also needs his momma. He wants love too, and he missed our little outings as much as I did. That's when I found Ergo's Baby Adapt. Suddenly, I could snap my crying newborn to my chest. Close enough to kiss, but in a way that gave me my hands back. 

With my hands free, I'm finding our grove. I'm less terrified of going out without the help of my husband, and the best part of all, is that I can hold my son's hand again. #Miracles #AdaptToEveryBaby #LoveCarriesOn #MamasGotThis

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