Apr 22, 2016

JAI Jewelry

This little girl is, naturally, my very best friend. She and I share something so unique, but yet she holds onto me exactly the way her brother did before her.

She grabs onto just about anything she can get her little mitts on to keep her close to me, but one day, she will begin to let go. Before I know it, she'll be so busy learning about the world around her, and finding her own way, that she will let go of me entirely. 

When that bittersweet day arrives, I will look down at this JAI Jewelry ring, and 100 percent cry my eyes out.  

Scott (the creator of this ring) designed it after having his sweet girl. The bond we have as parents is the greatest thing we will ever experience. 

If you are looking for a special gift for Mother's or Father's Day, this is the gift to give. Trust and believe, both me and my main squeeze wear ours, and we love what they stand for. It's such a beautiful reminder of what we are doing at this stage of our lives.

You can read more about JAI Jewelry inspiration for the ring here, or find them on their Facebook page at JAI Jewelry for QVC. 

thank you JAI Jewelry for sponsoring this post.


  1. Love this! Where is that adorable romper from?

  2. what a very sweet sentiment. What a lovely mothers day present that would be .<3


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