Apr 20, 2016

Bzees + 'Round Here

Me before babies- "I will never have a single primary colored singing toy in my house."
Me after babies- "He don't care about that wooden teether, babe. Quick, hand me the Baby Einstein's singing flashlight before he freaks out."

I feel like my body is holding onto this baby fat like a dog with a bone. Just let go body. Let it go. #FrozenReference

Maybe, what I need to do is put down the Coke, and resist my urge for a Reese's? Nah.

We are going on our first trip as a family of four, and I am getting all sorts of anxious. Send help.

Seeing all these amazing women on Instagram growing their own businesses, has me proud of each and everyone of them. Sometimes, though, I wonder what my "business" will be.

I am in a cooking rut…again. #OverIt

My house is always a mess. #ScrewIt

I wore this outfit three times last week. As a mom of two, outfit repeats really just means I passed out in what I wore. #SleeplessNights

When you're babywearing one kiddo + chasing the other around the park, having cute and comfy shoes is key. These flats, from Bzees, are exactly that. They have free-foam footbeds and air-infused outsoles that are, get this, machine washable! Hi, I'm a mom of two! Can all my shoes be machine washable, and have cloud technology? #LightFeelsRight

Off to feed the littlest, and then for a walk. I love these sunny days that are finally making there way into Michigan!

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  1. You are so cute! Love the dress!



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