Apr 6, 2016

Glitter and dumpsters

Sometimes in life you just gotta live. We are all so prone to caring too much, or being too sensitive. You know, 'cause hormones and all. I think since having my second baby, I have just been bashing myself over and over again. I'm not this enough, or that enough. Gosh, I just had to say, "get the freak over yourself. You're human. You're not perfect. Can't I live?!" 

Easier said than done friends, but I threw on this badass coat, some rain boots, and made googly eyes at my husband while he took these pics. I felt like such a wannabe Ke$ha. It was kind of awesome. After, while downloading these pictures, and judging myself hard, I realized in this world we are told "you can never be too skinny, or too rich." Welp, screw that. I'm eating donuts, and hustling hard. 

Cheers to not taking yourself too seriously, and giving yourself grace.

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