Feb 10, 2016

Newborn Favorites

1. Swaddlers are a must. They keep Aida feeling tight and secure. This helps her to sleep longer. She is even doing her nights!

2. A great smelling body wash is always a requirement. I love smelling the top of Aida's little head while we cuddle, and this one smells ah-mazing. It is also super gentle on her delicate skin. I have already repurchased this brand's body wash, ointment, and cream. It's just that good. 

3. A diaper rash cream is important just in case your little one gets red on their bum. We use this ointment because it also doubles as a cure for our little's eczema. Michigan winter's can be extremely harsh on our kiddos' skin. This helps to heal and soothe those dry patches in a jiffy.

4. A nice hydrating lotion will keep that baby smooth and soft. Again, this particular brand is gentle, paraben free, never tested on animals, and the scents are from completely natural materials derived from plant-based extracts. To keep your little ones safe, they use only the most gentle ingredients like lavender and rosemary. Read more about them here. You'll be just as obsessed with them as I am.

5. Sister doesn't like taking a bottle, but when she does use one, we dry them on this bottle drying rack. It adds a pop of color to our kitchen, and it just looks more like a piece of art, rather than another baby item! With so many babies items already thrown about the house, it's nice to have one look cool.

6. Scrub those bottles with this great brush. You can also pop it into the dishwasher when need be, and keep reusing it. Talk about genius. The other bottle brushes always seemed to fall apart on us, and we had to constantly repurchase them with DC. This brush was the perfect solution.

7. We had a different carseat with DC, and used that same one with Aida for about a week or two, but we quickly made the switch to using this brand. It rotates 360 degrees on the mount in the car. This is such a sweet feature for a nursing momma. I can sit parked in the back seat, and rotate her seat to remove her to nurse, or even entertain her. It also snaps into place like a dream, locking securely. Something else I've found super handy is the attached carseat cover. You just pull it out of the sunshade, and then tightly over the bottom of the seat to cover it. A great little feature for keeping germs out, and letting strangers at store know you don't want them touching your newborn. That's something I will never understand. Random people wanting to touch Aida drives me nuts #itsfluseason #itscoldseason #areyoucrazy?

8. This bottle is the only one Aida will even try to feed from. I figure that could be because it looks and has the shape most like a breast. Who knows? Either way it is the only one out of all the bottles we have, and I mean all, because we have a crap ton #takewhatyoucangetmom.

9. Diaper bags are obviously key, but one with an attached changing pad is boss! This brand has a bag that I swear was made just for newborns. The attached changing pad is fluffy and comfy, and so easily pulled out and put away. We had one for DC, and carried on the tradition with Aida because we loved it that much.

10. A nursing app is great for keeping track of your little's feedings. This app tracks sleep, poops, pees, really all the cool stuff a newborn does #thingsonlymomssay.

11. Get your baby to use a pacifier if it is your second. That is my best tip. This ensures you can play with your other little one, without the babe fussing for you to sooth them. Aida doesn't take a pacifier. Not at all. She will use it for mhm… five minutes max and spit it out, but those five minutes I am holding my son, and letting him know I love him.

12. A bouncer that is light and easily moved is going to make for a great first month. This one is soft, has vibration settings, and is one that our sweet girl will nap in under the sunlight. We should have gotten one of these with DC for sure.


  1. The grass drying rack is one of my favorite items we received from our shower! It's seriously such a wonderful tool for Devyn's bottles. We even got the little tree that goes with it so we can hang all the nipples on it. I was not able to breast feed so bottles rotate nonstop!
    Our babe loved the mamaRoo moreso than the bounceRoo, but many naps were taken in this, too!
    Great list, thanks for sharing!

    Xo Melissa

  2. We are a Tubby Todd family!!! it smells so yummy!! and the lavander eucalyptus lotion is a dream!!!


  3. Where is the swaddle from? I love it!

  4. I looooove my drying rack! We had to switch to formula after 6 weeks man are there lots of bottles and I tried a bunch too... Oh and for a paci I swear by wubbanubs! My son will take the smoothie shape natursuttenbut wubbanubs have his heart (I tried a bunch of pacis). Are they as hip as natursutten? Hell no, but who cares when baby is happy!


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