Dec 30, 2015

Shared Nursery

Sharing a room with my brother was probably one of the highlights of my childhood memories. Mainly because I was able to really connect and bond with him, even though he was a little over four years older than me. We had so much fun together, and he was so much more than my best friend. He became my role model.

I hope that by creating this space for our two minis they too will be able to connect and create a friendship far beyond our comprehension. I am so excited to see them together. Sharing this space we have packed with so much love. I know these two have something special. I knew it the second he ran over to my bun in the oven, leaned over, kissed it and said "that's my baby sister in there!" What a beauty it is to see. #ahmazing

bed-ikea // nightstand- ℅ wayfair // hamper-home goods  // rug- ℅ land of nod // lamp- home goods // initials-  similar // crib- ℅ babyletto // rocker- ℅ babyletto // dresser- craigslist // pillows- target // sconce- urban outfitters // mobile- ℅ baby jives co // mountain shelf- ℅ bourbon moth // bouncer- ℅ 4moms


  1. beautiful room mama!!! I shared my nursery with my twin and then my little sister when she became old enough (my mom says she waited to not mess up my sleep schedule! 3 under 2 was a handful!) and although I make jokes about never having my own space EVER I would not change it for the world!

    1. Thank you so much sweet friend! I didn't know you had a twin! That sounds like a friggin' blast. Here is to hoping our babies like sharing a room too.

      xx + happy weekending beautiful!

  2. this is such an adorable space!!

    1. Thank you sweet girl!

      You are amazing for leaving so much love here. Thank you to the moon and back!


  3. I'm considering putting our new babe into her brother's room at some point (he's 2), but I'm also super nervous about them interrupting each other's sleep. Any idea how you plan on making the transition? Just curious if you have any ideas? Ha!


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