Nov 18, 2015

Mrs. Jones' Soapbox

I'm nesting. We all know this to be true due to the recent "our flat" room tours. Putting furniture in the right spot and hanging just the right picture above my desk isn't all that means. It also means that I am constantly cleaning the counters, bathrooms, bedrooms, and the worst part… the garbage can lid.

With all the cleaning I do, I know it's one hundred percent worth it to splurge on products that are going to be used in our home, and where my tiny babes are rolling around. Heck, it's also probably just as worth it for me to use it for myself. After all, I am the one in the tiniest of bathrooms, breaking my back on all fours scrubbing the white tile. Getting all the fumes right up the nostrils. Whoever thought an all white bathroom was a good idea, was clearly a designer genius ...but practicality wise, a total idiot. Hashtag- hello mildew. 

Anyways, it is also amazing to support small businesses, and Mrs. Jones' Soapbox is a blossoming golden nugget my friends. It's something we should all use, and Target should sell, but until then I am preachin'…buy it and do your fambam and yourself a solid. If you or your babies are sensitive to detergents or cleaning supplies, this could quite honestly be the best choice you'll ever make. I know it was for us.

Make the switch, or spoil some nesting pregnant lady you know this holiday season! #giftideanumerouno #buhbyetoxicchemicals

This post is not sponsored. Use coupon code "GreenClean10" for 10% off your purchase!

1 comment:

  1. I really need this post. I don't do a good job of using safe cleaners and that is certainly one thing I am going to want to change once Baby B arrives!! Love you lady!!! XOXO - Em


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