Nov 20, 2015

Holiday Shopping Guide- Toddlers Boy Edition

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If there is one thing I know, it's that I can instantly connect with mommas who collect more trucks, trains, and matching track sets for their kiddos than they can count. I guess that is one of the pros of being the only grandchild on both sides? #spoiled You can never have enough, yet somehow our babies know exactly which one is missing, or which ones need "Daddy to fix it". We like to encourage DC to put things together himself, like puzzles, and even train tracks. This helps with building his problem solving skills, and working that cognitive thinking. We love this animal farm train set from Nordstroms, and for under twenty bucks, why not?

We have a few block sets, and they aren't just a hit with DC, Mommy and Daddy love to play with them too. My husband and DC seem to be on the same math and science wavelength. They could play with things like puzzles and shapes forever together. I support it completely of course, bowing out as more of the artsy type, and letting them do their thing. These blocks from Tegu are magnetic, and make losing them nearly impossible while we are out and about. A toddler diaper bag must essential, and they are less than twenty five buckaroos. #score

With winter sneaking up and bringing it's unfortunate freezing temps with it, we are bringing in some toys to keep our adventurous boy content indoors, while also allowing us to use them outdoors once the weather warms up. My husband has been pushing for a scooter for our son, I swear, since before he could walk. This one is convertible, so it will make for a smooth transition from toddler to big boy. Which is awesome because it means he can get more time and use out of it, then pass it along to the next member of our brood who has a need for speed. Hashtag-mommy has a lead foot. 

Hope this guide is helpful, and wishing you all a happy holiday season. Keep an eye out for deals I will be talking about here, as well as to-be-linked coupon codes, because this momma loves her a good bargain. That's what happens when you come from a family of five, and have a husband who is one of four. That Christmas list starts to rack up the dolla dolla bills y'all!


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