Nov 11, 2015

Random Nothings

I need an app on my phone to locate the nearest bathroom + route me to it.

I lose my keys in my purse.

I lose my car in the parking lot. 

I pee my pants a little looking for my keys, to find my car, in the parking lot.

My face is as round as a blueberry.

My bladder is as small as a pea.

My patience is as short as a minion.

My son is as sweet as pie.

I can't stop eating.

I get hangry all day + cranky for a nap first thing in the morning.

I clean everything five times a day, and if I step on one more car, toy screw driver, or pretend spatula in the middle of my living room, I'm going to give them all away!

If I could hold my son all day long I would.
I am so thankful when he reaches up to hold my hand during our walks.

Life is kind of crazy. 
Soon I won't have a full size babe sharing my body, but instead I will have a newborn to cuddle, so that's pretty friggin' grand!

Now I'm craving #noodlesandco...

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