Nov 12, 2015

Baby Hospital Bag Essentials

1- Car seats are an obvious must. When picking yours out, I recommend finding the lightest one. You will be lugging that thing around for a while, and the more weight it is on its own, the harder it will be to smoothly lift out of the car with a sleeping babe in it.

2- A pacifier to help soothe your babe is the loveliest. DC never took a pacifier, so car rides, teething days, really anything during that baby stage, was made harder because all he wanted was to nurse, and you can't nurse and drive people. So, we are going to pray baby sister will take a pacifier and make that stuff a little easier for us.

3- Pack your diapers, your diaper rash cream, all the changing essentials. The hospital will of course have this stuff too, but it is a great time to start using your goodies. Learn what your baby does and does not like, and get them in the habit of what you will have to offer at home.

4- Baby's clothes will finally have his or her cute little self filling them up! Congrats! We only brought one outfit to the hospital for DC, and that meant he wore the hospitals clothes the whole time we were there… I wasn't nearly as prepared last time as I thought. #woops

5- Film seems to be a thing of the past, but I don't like that pictures just sit collecting on a computer. Having an instant print-out of my baby is the kind of stuff I live for. I can save them in my wallet, stick them to the wall, or make a collage. Really, the options are limitless with what you can do with a printed picture, versus hoarding it with all the other crap on your computer. I am for sure bringing our mini Polaroid

6- Swaddles are like gold. They help your baby stay warm and keep them feeling safe like in your womb. I honestly collect these things, because blowouts are no joke!

7- Bottles are making their way into our bag to help train both babe and daddy! DC never took a bottle, and that meant my husband could never help feed him. This time we are taking the breast pump and our bottles to start getting the both of them in the habit of baby-daddy feeding time.

8- You'll need a diaper bag, naturally, because where else are you gonna put this crap? This one from Petunia Pickle Bottom has an attached changing pad and wipe holder. It is kinda like a baby's all inclusive spa. #livinglarge

9- Baby shoes are the cutest, but not all of them are the comfiest. These one's from Freshly Picked will be the first baby sister ever wears, and good grief, I cannot wait to see her little feet in them.

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  1. These are great and stylish essentials! I remember with my first, he came 4 weeks early and I had nothing packed for the hospital, haha we all survived, but being prepared always feels like a relief :)
    PS. love the mini polaroid idea!

    XO Kass

    1. Kassandra,

      Thank you so much! That is amazing that your first came so early, that is such a rare occurrence. When you are that far into your third trimester it's kind of what pregnancy dreams are made of. Not being so pregnant anymore haha.

      Thank you so much for the nice comment about the polaroid. I think it is such a sweet and special thing to have!



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