Oct 2, 2015


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+ we had a new person show up around these parts. his name is bob, and no one else can see him except dc. that's right folks, our son has an imaginary friend named bob. we don't know if the name stems from his favorite show bob the builder, or if he got it from bob the minion, but we do know that bob only comes around to play tag with dc. man, can those two play! dc even falls to the ground when bob tags him. i can't be too weirded out by this new member of our crew, both my husband and i had imaginary friends so this was more of a when than an if. 

+ we had a new stroller arrive for baby sister (who is coming so soon). dc ran over to it, saw the picture on the box, and announced in his loudest of all voices, "this is for the baby, mommy! i sit in?!" luckily for him, this one has an attachable wheelie board. #singpraises #onlychildsyndrome 

+ mascara wearing has officially retired as part of my makeup routine. terrible timing, considering my eyelash extensions came out, and with them about... oh i don't know... all of my own! i mean, of course i've got some lashes left (pity lashes, really. you know, the ones kind enough to stick around after the terror i put them through). i just can't take finding the black soot under my eyes every morning. i can never get mascara out, no matter how hard i scrub! anyways, for now i am just a lashless lady, with a son talking to his imaginary friend, bob, scratching my pregnant tum,  and wondering how much bigger i can become. we are a real sight. 

+ i am also so thrilled scandal is back on, and that i found my favorite cookies at whole foods today. matter of fact, i don't really like cookies, but these cookies are my shiz. in case you wanted to know what my friday nights really entail, it usually ends with my husband doing homework for his masters, me putting our son down to sleep, then walking over to the cupboard and grabbing my cookies and a tall glass of water, and watching scandal on hulu plus. happy friggin' friday, ya'll!


  1. you're such a stylin' pregnant lady! i love that dress

  2. Kerry,

    Thank you so much! The dress is just the right amount of floral and the perfect amount of soft. I love it.

    Happy weekending to you and yours beautiful!

  3. You are just the most gorgeous prego mama I've ever seen! Plus you are so funny and I love the way you write. I wish we were neighbors so we could be in-person friends! I just feel like we'd be great friends ya know? :)
    love you girly

    1. Sierra,

      Gosh! You sure are amazing. Style and writing have always been so much fun for me, a way to really express myself, and during pregnancy it is such an amazing outlet. I am really lucky to have people, like you, reading along.

      I wish we were neighbors too! I saw you and was like I wanna know her haha! Until dreams come true, we will just have to be friends via the web + phone!

      Love you right back!


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