Jun 24, 2015

Cravings and Thoughts

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Here are some things that are currently on my mind-

1. I could really go for some homemade Rolo cookies, half a loaf of homemade bread with a heaping pile of butter, and a tall fresh glass of lemonade. What I will settle for is a bag of grapes...

2. The terrible twos suck, and I can't say the word suck anymore until 7:45 pm which is when my son is sleeping, or trying to sign for food to miss out on bedtime.

3. Is it me or am I shrinking? Gross. That can't be happening... can it?

4. Back-acne and back fat is my thing this pregnancy. Luckily for me I can't see back there... unfortunately for my husband he can. Cringe.  

5. I could really go for a tan, but I don't want my skin to shrivel up like a raisin before I'm 30, so I will stick to sunblock and hats for now. Maybe when I'm 80, and as saggy as a... well you can fill in the blank here. 

So yeah, there is the inner workings of my brain post Vogue page turning, and right before I give my husband some romancing. Because even though I'm about to get huge...or huger, I still gotta keep that fire burning. 



  1. I agree, terrible twos are the WORST! The fits and outbursts are the most testing part! I love that top and #4 is hilarious!

  2. Girrrrll! There you go again with that beautiful on point hair! Seriously I'm admitting I'm a little jealous, but I'm getting my hair done Fridag morning!!!! Butttt... Back acne oh goodness I had that so so bad I think it was worse because I have pcos and my hormones are so crazy. The best advice I can give which I'm sure your mom probably told you when we were teens but don't stratch sadly I have so many scars and I feel like my back acne is worse now. So happy you have been posting glad to see you may be feeling a little better. Hugs!

  3. My friends told me the twos were the best and the "terrible twos" didn't come til about 3. False. My son's started at 18 months and was still going strong til about a week ago. Just this week, I'm starting to see things shift. He's 2.5. Hold strong! :)



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