Jun 24, 2015

The Bump Round Dos

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At twelve weeks my baby bird decided he or she was going to make their debate, while also making my hips scream "widen up, there's a baby coming."

This go around, my belly is wide, growing length wise instead of out, and it's not as "pointy" as it was with DC. I read some old wives tales that say it could be a girl for those very reasons... is that a thing? Wide tums mean girl? Not that we are wishing for one gender over the other because they both have their pros and cons, I just feel like this pregnancy is a complete 180 from my last one. The way I feel mentally, to the way I am carrying this baby, even the morning sickness is different, and it just has me wondering is it different because it is a girl, or different because it is a whole new baby in general? 

I feel like I am still at that awkward stage where I don't look pregnant, I just look like I ate a dozen donuts, and although I wish that was the case (because c'mon I love me some donuts) I feel just as confused about dressing my bump as I did with DC. Any suggestions?!


  1. You are adorable!


    1. Krista,

      How is it that you are always such a dang light on here. I simply adore you, and always want to squeeze you after reading your comments!

      xo from Michigan!

  2. Ok your hair color is perfect.

    1. Emily,

      Thank you so much! I feel like I know so little about being blonde, that I don't know if it looks good, or the way it should! Thank you for helping me feel a little more secure with my new do!

      xo to you Miss Em!

  3. That's the hardest part about dressing the bump, the in-between stage! I think I just moved into leggings and empire waisted dresses at this point. Good luck.

  4. Christy,

    I could not agree more! It is a tricky stage to be in! The leggings and the empire waisted pieces are a great idea! Thank you!

    xo Christy!


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