Mar 16, 2015

the slouchy mom

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I use a curling wand to do my hair in 5 minutes. I cover my whole face with one quick layer of BB cream. I throw my jeans on and an oversized tee and call it an outfit. I am a slouchy mom, and, by golly, I surrender myself to the label completely. 

Most days, I am just trying to survive the soon to be terrible two's. I am catering to the picky eater that I've got in a small boy I call DC. All the while, I am trying to remember all that I need from the grocery on the first trip because I forgot my perfectly categorized list on the counter. I am dodging tantrums at the checkout line with M&M's. I am bribing the plank of a board son into his car seat.

To help give us a mid-day boost I pass through the Starbucks drive-thru. I sip on my drink, watch my son with our dog in his lap, nibbling on his cake pop, and say to myself "I might be a slouchy mom, but, gosh dangit, I wouldn't have it any other way."

Then, I race home and try to tidy up our place where there are forts, and trucks, blocks and toy food tossed about. I throw some dinner into the oven, pick out the leftover yogurt and granola bits in my hair from my son's snack, and I fill in my eyebrows. All within the last fifteen minutes before my husband gets home, just so that when he walks in the door he can give me a "you look great babe," or a "it smells good in here."


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  1. I'm with you sister!! Make it work!

  2. love it!! Same here on a regular and I too would not change it for anything!!


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