Mar 17, 2015

Get out and do something

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Every day I try to get us out the door for some sort of activity. Now that it is heating up, it is getting so much easier to get us out for at least a walk. My little man gets just as stir crazy as I do, and I think, in that way especially, we are kindred spirits. Being cooped up isn't good for either one of us.

There were a few times where I would refer to our house as the dark hole of winter; where we lived like cave people, never leaving except for food. Michigan winters had me at my wits end, and made the toddler stage feel like anything less than a cake walk. I felt like I was impairing my son’s potential, and almost like I was stunting his growth. We couldn't go out and learn about the world. That feeling was the very worst.

So, now we make trips to the libraries of our area, we go to Ikea, we walk to Dairy Queen, we find the occasional market on the side of the road. My personal favorite of all time though, has to be our walks…watching DC hold the leash, stopping every so often to investigate at the most random of occurrences, and just stare. Taking each step of a bug in, watching the driver of a truck shift, waving "hi" to birds. He is learning so much as we explore outside our home, and in turn I am learning just as much through his beautiful big blue eyes.

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  1. Yes! I love walks with the little's and watching explore, it's the best!


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