Mar 4, 2015

Mom Tips + Jokes

(i was craving a little summer light so here is an iphone photo dump from summer '14)

I want to start sharing the random tips that made motherhood easier for me. The kinds of things I wish I would have known sooner, or wished that someone would have told me about from the beginning. Some tips will be so obvious you'll wonder how you never thought of them yourself, and others will be so outlandish and more of a joke than anything else, but you'll get a good chuckle. Either way, cheers to some fun!

I think as a new mom I had no idea what I was doing. Some days I thought I knew everything, other days I didn't have a mother flippin' clue, and on the hardest of days I wasn't even sure if I was any good at being a mom at all. 

Here is a tip I learned a little late in my motherhood stint, but it saved my day more times than once. I remember when DC was first born I couldn't shower. I think in his first three months of life, I showered no more than a hand full of times..gross huh? It was so hard. I was a stay-at-home mom, and my husband worked and went to school full-time. Then, at around ten months of age, I discovered this neat trick thanks to a follower on my Instagram. Shout out to you, @pizzaforlunch, you made my life complete!

What you'll need ..
> clear shower curtain
> highchair 
> your baby's favorite treat
> a smartphone with their favorite show (optional)

What you'll do..

1. Hang your clear shower curtain. 
2. Put your baby's highchair facing the shower. 
3. Put the treat of your choice on their tray. Optional- you can put on a movie or show they like to watch on your smartphone. 
4. Put the baby in the highchair. 
5. Enjoy your shower. They can see you, you can see them, and bam problem solved.

** note once your baby starts staring at you funny when you are undressed, maybe it is time to rethink the clear shower curtain..**



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