Mar 5, 2015

Toddlers and dogs

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Cleaning is something that is starting to seem less and less worth while, but also more of a necessity. Funny how that works, isn't it? 

With a toddler and a dog there is never enough time in the day to pick up every crumb, every spilt kibble, and pick up both my kid's toys and the dog's chew toys. DC nibbles on the dog's toys, Mellie nibbles on DC's and together we have complete and utter chaos, but our home has never felt so full. If only there was two of me, one to chase after the dog eating DC's toy train, and one chasing after DC eating her tennis ball! Granted, if DC ever grabbed another dog's chew toy I would have a fit, but Mellie seems to be more of another child than a dog, and an even bigger part of this family than we first assumed.

The two of them can play for hours. DC never more than an inch from Mellie, almost dragging her onto his lap if she strays. If DC is not within her sight, she is quick to run off and find him. If I ask DC where Mellie is, he throws his tiny hands into the I don't know gesture, and runs off looking for her. Those two have melted my soul. I use to watch my son with other animals and knew he would be a great bud to a pet of his own, but I never knew they would be literally the best of friends.

This new found friendship has almost made my uterus glow, as if that wasn't already happening. I am just saying, if you want a clean house don't get a dog if you have kids, but if you want a happy house that is filled to the brim with love, laughter, and one little boy who wouldn't leave his dog's side take the damn leap, and get a dog.


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