Jan 26, 2015

The body post

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Body image is a constant theme in both my personal life and this blog. There is so much that goes into being happy, and one of those things is liking who you see in the mirror.

I have recently renewed my gym membership, and have been going to the gym four or five days a week. My husband is getting his masters online, so while my son sleeps, and my husband is watching lectures and doing homework, I am hitting the gym like the Jersey gym rat I was born to be (thank you, twenty-four hour gym). At first, the anxiety of cardio would hit me like a wave, but then I learned a cool trick. I started playing Netflix during my three-mile run, and before I knew it my run was over, and I was laughing the whole time.

I am really making an effort to be healthy and in shape again. Meaning, I can run without stopping because stopping means I have convinced myself I can't do it when my body is ready and raring to go. I have been paying more attention to my thoughts recently, and noticed that I was setting myself up for failure in many aspects of my life. I was telling myself I couldn't do something, or that I wasn't good enough. I realized I had to change the way I was thinking, and build myself up again. Somewhere between pregnancy and motherhood I lost myself, and I also lost my self-confidence. I can admit I was looking to fill my time with way too much Pinterest, and that might have only made things worse for me. 

I stopped knowing who I was, and began wanting to be what I liked in some picture I thought was gorgeous. What a terrible way to be, and really it wasn't healthy for my mind. So between getting back into shape physically, and working on bettering myself mentally, I cleaned out our pantry and fridge, signed up for the gym, and started reading this book (it will change your life).

This journey I am on to recover and renew myself is something I have to finish. I want to be the best mother and wife to my family, and I owe it to them to love myself. I also owe it to myself to love me. During pregnancy, I give up everything because of my hyperemesis gravidarum, and that is something I am not quite ready for because I fear that I will get even more lost, and that recovering myself would be impossible. 

Cheers, to finally working on me!

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