Jan 7, 2015

Got 99 problems, but a pouf ain't one


Nap times are heaven sent.

I need a massage, an electric blanket, and a sleep number bed.

I just sewed shut a hole in one of our poufs, and with it a chunk of my fingertip. I got blood everywhere, and it looks like my son sewed it himself. He's a year old.

Our days always start off so great. We laugh and smile, have all these activities to do . . then slowly teething creeps in and the whining gets worse and worse (stupid stinking molars), and the clock never ticked slower. Why?!

I feel like we live at the grocery store. Is that normal? We bounce from Trader Joe's to Kroger, from Kroger to the local market, and from the local market to Whole Foods. I need to buy stock in at least one of those.

I've kicked Dr. Pepper, not intentionally. Ever since we got back from our Mexico trip the idea of it makes me sick. #thatskindofawesome

I want to join a gym since it is so frigid I can't run outside, but at the same time I don't mind not running either. #butijoinedagymanyway

The silence of nap time is heavenly. The smell of lime and chiptole chicken in the crockpot is delicious, and I want to take my own nap too, but we all know that the second I lay my head down, Baby is up and running.

I would say this nap time was one for the books though. Post written. Real World watched (yeah, that just happened). Dinner cooking. Sewed a pouf. I mean the dishes are piled up in the sink (yes, I am officially that mom now), but hey can't win 'em all right?

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ps- you might be thinking i'm a little off my rocker, taking pictures in fitting rooms, but when you're living in the arctic tundra that is michigan, also referred to as the "mitten" for what now seems to be perfectly good reason, you have to improvise! shout out to lumi photo for being down for the adventure, and to somerset collection for giving us the green light!


mrs measom


  1. I love love the shoes and you are the only one feels like you live in a grocery store! I always forget something no matter how many lists I make!

    1. I do the very same thing! I always forget something, and it is literally the worst feeling! Blah!

      Nice to know I'm not the only one with momma brain!


  2. I'm sad I havent ran into you I shop at somerset so much! And your post at tastelove cupcakes made me extra happy that I might run into you one day because I live around the corner from there! I love your posts keep up the good work! Im

    1. Shaunice,

      It is a freaking tundra outside, so maybe you haven't seen me because I am in true hibernation mode!

      If you ever do see me though, come say hi, so I can thank you in person for being so dang nice!


  3. If you knew how much I adored you!!!!!! Sister from another mister (and mama) but seriously, speaking my language int he post. It's like naps are the race to get things done. But yesterday I squeezed in Chicago Fire while I put away our xmas dishes (shhhh they were still sitting on the table) and it felt so good. NY goal for me is to get back to running, I have a marathon screaming my name. it's time to put the fat pants away!!! lol besos amor!

  4. um, literally I bounce from traders, to whole foods, then to target and the very last is kroger! hahaha! i love this! oh and you have to take a pic of your pouf! i have been wanting to make one forever (thinking of knitting one). by the way, you are hilarious!


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