Jan 2, 2015

Georgia Peach

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The other day something happened that seemed to ruin my day, and send me into one of those dark unhappy places. As everything felt like it was crumbling around me, and a wave of unresolved issues seemed to start to drown me, somehow things that happened in my day led to one phone call + one very long text conversation with my brother that brought me hope. 

I think all too often it is easy to be blind to the "simple" miracles that God sends our way; we are so obsessed with grand gestures and extravagent things that the little, seemingly insignificant occurrences, pass us by unnoticed.

Had I not been humbled by a trial, I would have missed the opportunity to have such a needed conversation of truth, honesty, hope, and love with my big brother. I think that is when I see my blessings the most (which is pretty sad). When I am completely humbled by a challenge is when I see Him in my life clear as ever
. His hand is there pushing me onward, and His love is filling.

I am grateful for trials (of course not so much when I am in them), and as time goes on those are the moments that I know I grew and learned the most. We have two choices when bad things come along, one- crumble and give up, or two- be strong and push through, learning as much as you can. 

I know that not every trial is easy, and some are harder and more painful than others, but I learned at a very young age that through many trials and tribulations come many blessings, and knowing that gives me strength.

Let us not forgot that there is almost always a Taylor Swift song that can cheer you up with the snap of the figures too. #shakeitoff (like how i snuck that t-swift reference in)

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mrs measom


  1. This is so much how I feel right now! What a great post!

    1. Emily,

      Thank you so much beauty! I am so grateful for your comment, and knowing I am not alone! That's always a plus!



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