Jan 22, 2015

Baby cures for dry skin

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Thanks to the the bitter freeze of living in the "mitten" (as michiganders like to call it), or the arctic tundra (as i like to call it) my son's skin has been suffering of excessive dryness. I have googled the crap out of the word "eczema" and called numerous physicians trying to workout a proper method to get his dryness handled. 

It is a scary thing finding a constant rash on your little, having that overwhelming feeling of helplessness and anxiety creep in. I am going to share what works for us in hopes that someone reading who is searching for the very same advice I was can find it all in one place.

While trying to tackle the issue and get it under control, I wanted to make sure I was using products that were safe on his sensitive skin. Doing my research, I decided to give these lotions a go. I like that they are certified organic, and that they leave out "fragrance". I found that most lotions labeled "for dry skin" were just as watery as lotion for normal skin, but not this brand's healing balm. It is almost like an oily paste. It is thick enough to stay on, and not rub off on his clothes. It works like a dream, and really helps restore moisture. I also found that covering him with coconut oil after every bath really helped too.

So, if your little is in need of some serious moisturizing give these products a go. They are safe, and great methods to try and keep that dry itchy redness at bay. 

Be sure and stay away from exfoliants and even a rough washcloth as it can be damaging to their already sensitive. Frequent baths, about ten minutes long (max) are also recommended for those babies suffering of severe dryness. 

Good luck!


  1. I am obsessed with Honest products. I have converted a few friends to using their product line. It is so reassuring they take the time and effort to make every product organic. Only using the safest ingredients.

    1. Nicole,

      I couldn't agree more about this brand. It is so nice that they work hard to make sure the things they produce are safe, although I feel like all companies should .. but unfortunately that is not the case.

      What is your favorite product of theirs? I am still trying to figure out their "must haves."


  2. My babe just got "diagnosed" with eczema.... Poor boy. And we live in Idaho which is like a desert and soooooo dry. Anyway... I have it too but not terribly enough where I notice products hurting my skin. Anyway.... I have been looking for things to try on my little guy. And these are the good one's then?? I tried an aveeno bath wash and I don't love it. Anyway.... Thanks!


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