Dec 15, 2014


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This past weekend we had a not so lovely stomach bug situation. It called for vegetable soup, homemade bread, and movies. One of the movies we watched was the "Duchess." In short it is a biography about the Duchess of Devonshire, Georgiana Cavendish. Such a crazy love story of pain and selflessness. It sent my already dizzy mind into a tizzy!

There were a few times my eyes watered for this woman, who really was a child forced into adulthood like so many other women of her time, in situations no one should ever have to endure. She was a force to be reckoned with, and beloved by all . . except for her husband.

The story gets crazy, when her husband starts sleeping with her best friend and then moving her and her three sons into 
Georgiana's home. It gets even crazier when Georgiana is then forced to give up the child she conceives with the only man that ever truly loved her, and whom she loved, when the Duke (her husband) threatens to keep her from seeing her other three daughters and son she bore after he raped her. 

Throughout the movie there are a few instances where she conveys that she was raised to be a "people pleaser." Born into one of the wealthiest families in England, she could have had anyone, but she enters her marriage with the notion that no matter what she will make it work, and that is exactly what she does. She sacrifices her sole chance of happiness to be there for  her littles. Such a selfless act.

After watching the life of such a woman unfold before me, I felt this overwhelming sense of gratitude fill my soul. I am grateful to have a marriage based on love and trust. I am grateful to have a son that my husband and I brought into this world with love and who brings joy into our lives. 

I also feel that motherhood & womanhood go hand and hand. Even if you aren't a mother yet, or don't ever want to be one, motherhood is the innate ability to love and nurture others before ourselves, and I think that is the most magical gift a woman can have.

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  1. I loved this post :) The pictures are adorable! For some reason- this is the exact type of pictures I think of when I think of being a mamma. I think of a little girl/boy laughing, me enjoying being the best mom I can, and a beautiful house in the background. You are the most real blogger I know- yet you do it with class. I love following your instagram and your blog because you are just a breath of fresh, beautiful air. Thank you!

    1. Celeste,

      This comment made me tear up.

      Today was a day was a tizzy, and this note was a sweet reminder that I am doing something right. I am so glad that following along my flawed/challenging but amazing journey of motherhood gets you excited about you making your own journey down this road one day too, because it really is the most wonderful you will ever do both for yourself, and for the world.

      I don't know you personally, although from the comments you have left here, I feel like I do, and I have to say I simply adore you.

      xo & happy holidays beautiful!


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