Sep 23, 2014

Updates round these parts

Sneaking fruit and veggies into muffins has become a must with teething. I can't really complain though because it makes the house smell like a dream, and it gets all cozy up in here!

Freshly-Picked moccs (here) are the shenanigans. They're the one pair of shoes he never takes off, and sits on my lap excitedly while i slip them on. You see, DC is very stubborn about two things: 1) food, and 2) shoes. He is very particular about what he eats, and what goes on his feet. That preface being set, he currently loves muffins and moccs. I'm okay with both.

We got our first pair of Our Little Lullaby leggings (here). 100 % organic cotton, and made in the good ol' U-S-of A. They are adorable on my pumpkin spice cupcake of a son. We put the gorilla ones on him, and he wouldn't stop smiling at the gorillas on his pants. It was kind of awesome.

We went to Trader Joe's armed with a list of recommendations (thanks to you guys), and we picked up some delicious treats. The Mister was pretty stoked for their pumpkin pancake mix, or is it pumpkin spiced? Regardless, he is all set and amped for some weekend brunching. 

A friend of mine told me that Trader Joe's is getting into some trouble for not being transparent about what is in their products? I am kind of disappointed if that is true because I have been so excited about them as a company. Wah, wah, wah.

This 65 + weather with a the leaves changing has me in paradise. It just feels so dang rocking. 

I am thinking about Halloween already. Plotting it actually! DC was too tiny for the costume we had for him last year, but can wiggle into it now. It's going to be pretty rad. Especially since he can walk and will be able to ring a few of our friends doorbells. Maybe he can even sneak a treat? Oh, the excitement of a first time momma with a toddler!

There are some fun trips planned for this fall and winter, DC is loving pumpkin spice everything, and I get to wear some knitted socks a friend made for me, so life is pretty rad round these parts, minus the teething of course.

Fall you've been good so far, lets keep it up!


  1. I can so relate! My boy is a stubborn eater too! He just doesn't care for it. A couple bites here and there and he's done. So nice to read because it seems like all the mamas have babies who just love food and eat tons of it!

    1. Lauren,

      Do you have any tips? I agree, I feel like so many mommas I know, their babies LOVE food, and it puts so much pressure on me to beg DC to eat more!

    2. Yes, so much pressure! I put so much stress on myself about him eating. But I guess he knows what he can handle? As far as tips, I don't have too many. I'm loving this muffin idea. I have started giving him smoothies. I made one for myself and he seemed to like it. Carrot juice, banana, spinach and a triple berry blend. But I've been trying more finger foods like peas and black beans and he likes those, but still only eats a few and is over it! I swear, I feel like I've tried it all. So anymore tips you have please share!

    3. Lauren,

      That sounds exactly like my little! He is over the age of one, and sometimes he will eat a ton, and other days he is just not interested. Snacking here and there. It is a struggle, but as long as he is growing, and developmentally where he needs to be, I am just here to support and love him.

      I have tried smoothies, that are good for a sip or two, then he is "over it." I will share the tips I have soon, but until then MUFFINS hahah.

  2. best time of year!


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