Sep 27, 2014

The light in the dark

Recently, while going through a few hiccups, some friends of mine really blessed me in ways I don't think they will fully understand. It was something as simple as a text, as big as dropping a meal off, or even as close as a hug.

When you are far away from family and childhood friends, it only makes sense to value the people that you connect with in your new place. I can say that I treasure the friends I have in Michigan, and know that they are more like family than anything else.

There is one friend in particular that made my heart full during one of the craziest weeks. She is more like a sister to me, and one that I know will always tell me just what she thinks about a situation, give me her two cents, and then cheer me on regardless. She is the kind of friend that shows up at your doorstep at the drop of a hat, and maybe even the kind of sister you always prayed for. She's just a rockstar, and the other day when she was sick I wanted to do for her everything she had done for me, and more.

As people, I know that naturally love exists within us. We are a species meant to help and protect one another. It is a beautiful thing this power of love and friendship. The connections we can form with  genuine people cause us to be our best selves and they are the people we should want to be like. Why? Those are the people that will change not only us, but so many others with their goodness and light. They are the few who will not be jealous. They are the ones that know the value of good. They are the ones that will get you where you need to be, and you will, like them, be willing to do the same.

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