Sep 9, 2014

The cowgirl in me

 dress - gap here // watch - fossil here // boots - old gift similar here
My mom is a very strong Latina woman, and when I think of cowgirls, I think strong as an ox. I hope that should I ever have a little girl, I can be someone she can look up to. 

Living in Utah there were a lot of cowgirls. They are so pretty, and look so confident, something I really wanted to capture and emulate. When I lived in Virginia, as a little girl, the women might have worn cowboy boots, but they were as southern bell as they came. They had such amazing manners and class. In Michigan there are some cowgirls, thanks to all the farming 'round here, and man are they pretty stunning. They know how to live off the land, and that within itself is kinda sick! I want to be the confident, classy, live off the land kind of lady! #yesplease #makemeacrosscountrycowgirl

What I am trying to say is that cowgirls are all over the place in the good ol' U - S - of A, but one thing they all have in common is that they rock their roles as women pretty hard, and don't take crap from anyone. I need to grow some thick skin, put on my cowboy boots, and step up to the plate.


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