Sep 10, 2014


vest - gap here // leggings -lululemon here // boots - clarks here // watch - fossil here // chambray - ℅ shabby apple here 

There are some people on Instagram that have the most beautiful pink locks and my brain is all "pink hair, please!" Sometimes, I think about it more than once a day, and those are the hardest of days to resist.

I have always been an abider of rules, and sometimes it is just fun to feel like a rebel. Nothing screams rebel to me louder than P!nk, and if my hair can even touch the level she is on, well why not sista?

As a mother and wife, there are so many roles and rules we have to fit ourself in. Like, don't eat too much cake or you get fat. The hardest of them all though, is the rule of staying calm. That seems to be the biggest momma and wife flaw I've got, and one I need to work at the most. Perhaps looking in the mirror at my cool pink hair will remind me, "Mrs. Measom, you're a rad lady. Chill."



  1. I am pro-pink hair. I think it is so pretty!!! I also love your chambray; I am all about the chambray and leggings look.

  2. LOVE your clarks. I'm all about whatever makes you really feel like yourself and more fulfilled. if you think pink hair will do the trick, go for it, but if it seems more like a popular fad that you find yourself getting caught up in, don't. i know it's not that simple though, one can dream!


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