Jul 14, 2014

Insane in the membrane

With some deep questions rising to the surface the past few weeks I have kinda been "too busy" for anything. So here is a little update on the life of xo, mrs measom -

here are some of the questions up for discussion at our house:

when will we have another baby?
what will i do with this tiny blog we have?
will i take some classes on sewing? see if i go anywhere with my passion for fashion, and actually designing my own stuff?
what in the world of lanta will i fill our living room with? overstock is an addiction, with a side of craiglist, just fyi.
should i open up an online clothing or home decor shop?
see, it has been a little redic up in here!

I also decided to go on a no makeup and no heat to the hair month long hideous. You see blog, you aren't the only thing being neglected. Misses Hair, and Miss BB Cream were also put on the back burner. Poor things.

Somewhere between going out in public bare face, and the hair on my head literally being "bed head," I found a new source of empowerment. I, for the first time in a long time, looked like me, and not as me and Misses Drugstore Maybelline helped me look. (random here, but can we talk about how i totally love the name Maybelline for a girl? no? some other time then.)

Anyways, still trying to figure out this mommy and me balance. The goals I have for myself, and the goals I have for this family sometimes don't line up, and it is in those moments I wish DC could talk. If only he could just direct me in what to do. He is pretty dang smart, I tell ya. A real genius that gem of my boy is.

Until then, I am posing these questions to you readers. Any takers? I am open to all insight on the questions ^^ raiding my brain like little toy soldiers.

Word to your mother.

1 comment:

  1. If those pictures are sans makeup then you most definitely should continue your no hair/no makeup month because you look STUNNER, seriously!


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