Jul 16, 2014

B & K 4 Life

Today, I have something a little different planned. I figured it was time you heard a little more about me from someone other then me! Good idea, huh? So here to give us a little more insight on me, and more importantly a life I no longer lead is my best friend, Brenna. She is single, a college grad, a Brooklyn ice cream shop employee, and a firecracker! Enjoy. I know I literally laughed so hard I cried. Cheers.

When Mrs. Measom and I met freshman year in High School, to be completely honest, she was one of the strangest birds I have ever met. From an odd love for wearing her dresses with jeans, to a passion for field hockey, K was by far one of the most unique people I had ever met. We bonded over badminton, social studies projects, and food our freshman year. We didnt share any classes sophomore year, and only one I can recall for junior year, but we were reunited senior year and there were more strange outfits, and food to be shared. There were lunches at T-Bell Im not allowed to talk about, and prom and a trip to Florida that I will never forget. Were closer than friends, and probably even moreso than sisters but we lead completely different lives.

Where Mrs. Measom is practiced in yoga, a healthy eater, and maintains a pretty regular schedule of craft projects and outings with the adorable DC and her lovely husband, I wallow in the single life. Wallow isnt even an exaggeration on my part. I spend my mornings (and pretty much most of my days) in my pajamas watching 90s tv shows and trying to enjoy my only free summer since I was little.

I wake up every morning, and after making some menial breakfast (which lets be honest, is often cake or smores or something ridiculous you should never eat for breakfast), I sit in my pajamas all day (or until my dad comes home and judges me so hard that I actually go shower) and spend my days on netflix, gushing over my childhood crushes in 90s shows. In between episodes of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Disney movies, I cook (actually, I mostly bake more cake so I can be sure I have an ample amount for my entirely unhealthy breakfasts) and browse etsy and buzzfeed at an almost stalker level. Occasionally, I worry about what Im doing with my life, but those thoughts are quickly quelled by the urge to watch more Buffy.

Im not saying that Im living up to my full potential here, but Im having a pretty darn good time doing absolutely nothing. Im also a terrible influence to the lovely Mrs. Measom in that we always make these wonderful plans on the few and far between weeks we spend together, but somehow, we always end up in sweats, sharing a pint of ice cream or a slice of cake and watching trashy shows on Bravo. But at least theres good food when were together.

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